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20 Awesome WordPress Themes for Schooling and Education Websites

Actually, what is education? What does the education mean in nowadays life? Literally, it refers to the systematic process of gaining knowledge and skills through study. And it means a lot in everyone’s life. Education completely changes our thoughts, mind, and personality and helps us to set and achieve our goals. That is the reason why a lot of people spend their time, money and efforts for studying. However, the traditional system of education is not perfect. Sometimes your expectations do not come true, sometimes you waste your time doing things which don’t excite you.

As a matter of

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Comment atteindre une efficacité collective maximale ?

On va parler aujourd’hui d’efficacité collective. Comment réussir à l’atteindre de façon maximale ? On a pas mal parler de l’efficacité individuelle ces derniers temps dans les Marche ou Crève. Attaquons nous aujourd’hui à l’efficacité collective. On en parle peu et c’est pourtant un sujet crucial bien que plus difficile. Est-ce que par moment, l’efficacité collective ne va pas à l’encontre de l’efficacité individuelle ? Comment faire en sorte que tout le monde, vos clients, vos partenaires, vos collaborateurs travaillent tous ensemble de façon efficace ? En effet, l’environnement de travail de vos clients n’est pas forcément

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Bright Pixel partners with Startup Braga Accelerator ahead of Feb program

Bright Pixel partners with Startup Braga Accelerator ahead of Feb program

Bright Pixel joins the Startup Braga Accelerator in a strategic partnership ahead of the fifth edition of the program beginning in February.

The fifth edition of the four-month Startup Braga Accelerator program starts February 8, and Bright Pixel will join as part of the jury, with an active role in the process of selecting the best projects, both at during the early stages of the program and at the end where they evaluate the startups.

Carlos Oliveira

“With the establishment of this partnership, Startup Braga reinforces its network

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How to do influencer marketing for your marketplace platform

This is a guest post by Michael Quoc, founder and CEO at Dealspotr, and former Director of Product Management for Yahoo’s Media Lab. Michael regularly writes on tech, e-commerce and marketing. You can follow him on Twitter.

If you haven’t heard of influencer marketing yet, chances are you will this year. This way of marketing, typically promoting a brand or service through a person with a large following on social media, YouTube, or a blogging platform, has increased dramatically in the past year. According to a Tomoson survey, 59% of businesses surveyed said they were going to increase

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Mastering WordPress Optimization – 6 Tricks You Can’t Ignore

WordPress is the world’s easiest, most powerful content management system (CMS) and blogging platform. According to BuiltWith, 2645 of the top 10k Internet sites use WordPress. So, if you’re already using WordPress, then congratulations!

However, if you want your WordPress website to perform better, then you better optimize it. Optimization of your WP site not only increases traffic and page viewers, but it enhances user experience and helps with SEO. Below you will find six amazing WordPress optimization tips to take your website to the next level.

1- Pick a Proper Website Host

Your optimization techniques won’t go very

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Le grand n’importe quoi de l’obsolescence programmée

Il faudrait peut-être commencer à arrêter de dire n’importe quoi sur l’obsolescence programmée ! C’est évidemment la polémique autour du cas Apple qui me fait revenir sur ce qu’est l’ l’obsolescence programmée. Et ça m’énerve profondément car on entend vraiment n’importe quoi en ce moment ! J’en veux pour preuve l’article de Numerama sur l’analyse de la séance de Quotidien. Le sujet est très complexe et les médias n’y comprennent pas grand chose. Définissons ensemble ce qu’est l’obsolescence programmée. C’est lorsqu’un constructeur de façon délibérée soit par une approche software soit par une approche hardware décide

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Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio

Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio

Portugal Startups’ parent company, Espacio, today announces the acquisition of Novobrief, an English-language news publication dedicated to the Spanish startup ecosystem.

Novobrief was founded in 2014 by Jaime Novoa to introduce Spain’s startup scene to the world. The publication is focused on featuring stories of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and interviews with exciting startups that are prospering in their markets, and to provide insight into Spain’s conditions for establishing new businesses.

Conrad Egusa

Novoa has been a startup ecosystem builder, responsible for driving awareness and growth for startups.

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Get your instant photography back on with the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

Remember the days of using an instant camera to take pictures of your family or friends and excitedly waiting for the picture to “develop” in front of your eyes? It was cool, right? Well there are some companies out there trying to make instant photography cool again. Enter Eastman Kodak and its licensee C+A Global, […] January 17, 2018 at 06:59PM

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Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need

Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need

Foreigners looking to get acquainted with Portugal’s Northwest city of Braga can now download an orientation app available in five languages.

International citizens who are looking to live, work, invest, or simply visit the city of Braga, can now use the BragaINTEGRA app to orient themselves in their new surroundings, according to Vila Verde.

Developed by Braga-based startup, BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas, the app for iOS and Android serves to answer common questions such as, “What public services should I go to?” “Where are

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Why lighting is crucial to colour matching: Nazdar Ink Answers reveals FAQs

Nazdar Ink Technologies has revealed some of the most regular topics to come up in its Ink Answers programme.

January 17, 2018 at 01:07PM

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