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Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio

Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio

Portugal Startups’ parent company, Espacio, today announces the acquisition of Novobrief, an English-language news publication dedicated to the Spanish startup ecosystem.

Novobrief was founded in 2014 by Jaime Novoa to introduce Spain’s startup scene to the world. The publication is focused on featuring stories of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and interviews with exciting startups that are prospering in their markets, and to provide insight into Spain’s conditions for establishing new businesses.

Conrad Egusa

Novoa has been a startup ecosystem builder, responsible for driving awareness and growth for startups.

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Get your instant photography back on with the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

Remember the days of using an instant camera to take pictures of your family or friends and excitedly waiting for the picture to “develop” in front of your eyes? It was cool, right? Well there are some companies out there trying to make instant photography cool again. Enter Eastman Kodak and its licensee C+A Global, […] January 17, 2018 at 06:59PM

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Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need

Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need

Foreigners looking to get acquainted with Portugal’s Northwest city of Braga can now download an orientation app available in five languages.

International citizens who are looking to live, work, invest, or simply visit the city of Braga, can now use the BragaINTEGRA app to orient themselves in their new surroundings, according to Vila Verde.

Developed by Braga-based startup, BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas, the app for iOS and Android serves to answer common questions such as, “What public services should I go to?” “Where are

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Why lighting is crucial to colour matching: Nazdar Ink Answers reveals FAQs

Nazdar Ink Technologies has revealed some of the most regular topics to come up in its Ink Answers programme.

January 17, 2018 at 01:07PM

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Russia wallcovering manufacturer Arteks cuts ink waste and assures quality

Arteks, a major Russian wallcovering manufacturer, has installed a Colorsat Compact High ink dispensing system from GSE Dispensing, in order to ensure repeatable quality, instant availability of water-based gravure colours in high volumes, and minimised waste at its new, rapidly expanding St. Petersburg plant. The installation is GSE’s 100th in Russia.

January 17, 2018 at 01:07PM

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How To Create A Private WooCommerce Store With WooCommerce Private Store

Not too long ago, I talked about the somewhat paradoxical idea of password protecting WooCommerce product categories to prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing specific categories at your store.

Now, I’m going to take things one step further and show you how to create an entirely private WooCommerce store. That is, instead of merely restricting access to certain categories, you’re going to learn how to restrict access to the whole shebang in one fell swoop.

To do that, we’ll be using a plugin called WooCommerce Private Store from Barn2 Media, the same developer behind the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories

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Latest Nazdar NDT600 Series dye-sub inks produce vibrant variety of output for QPS customers

The latest dye-sublimation inks from Nazdar Ink Technologies are now available from leading print distributor Quality Print Services (QPS), whose customers are already producing an amazing variety of output using the formulation.

January 15, 2018 at 01:02PM

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Compact One Reviewed – A popular Free One Page WordPress Theme

Are you a professional who wants to showcase the magnitude of his/her skills online for boosting business? A professional looking website is an obvious solution. But what kind of website, you wonder? Create a one-page website and your visitors won’t be distracted! Your visitors would not have to fiddle around for information on your website. Isn’t that great? CyberChimps’ Compact One – a power-packed free one page WordPress theme, is just what you need!

The Features 7 Easy-to-customize Stunning Sections

The theme offers 7 stunning sections – Slider, About, Features, Work, Team, Testimonial, and Contact; each of which is customizable according to your

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5 conseils pour réussir vos meetings

En 2018, vous allez réussir vos meetings avec ces 5 conseils. Ça fait parti des sujets récurrents qu’on me réclame : comment ne plus subir les meetings ? Bien sur qu’on doit se réunir, interagir avec les autres mais pas tout le temps et pas toujours. À quoi sert un meeting ? Et comment bien le manager ? Quand est-ce qu’on a besoin d’un meeting ? On a besoin d’un meeting quand il faut une interaction live. On n’a pas besoin d’un meeting pour lire des informations ensemble ou se faire une idée sur quelque chose. Ça,

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How is Your Firm Getting Into the Solution?

In Q4 of 2017, we surveyed 179 IT decision-makers within the indirect channels for office equipment deployed across the United States. Respondents included office equipment dealers (OED) and IT resellers. For this survey, we used revenue ranges to define the size of establishment. Those with annual revenue of less than $10 million were grouped as […] January 12, 2018 at 06:30PM

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