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Upcoming Tunneling Projects – Tunnel


Upcoming Tunneling Projects

Laguna Beach
Tunnel   Stabilization   and   Sewer   Pipeline   Replacement
Approved by the South Coast Water District Board of Directors in 2010 and the City of Laguna Beach in late 2013, the Tunnel Stabilization & Sewer Pipeline Replacement Project (Tunnel Project) is a 100-year solution to protect the environment, local economies and neighboring communities. The project comprises two key components:

  • Tunnel Stabilization: The District will enlarge the size of the tunnel from an average of 6 to 9 ft. This will ensure safer working conditions and greater access for future pipeline maintenance and repair. Permanent shotcrete lining and steel supports will be installed at several locations where required, replacing rotten timber supports and removal of loose rock that currently exist.
  • Pipeline Replacement: The District will install a new 24-in. pipeline throughout the tunnel. The current pipeline – also 24 in. in diameter – will be encased in concrete, but preserved for redundancy and emergency use.

The cost to repair the tunnel is estimated at approximately $90 million and will be funded through low-interest state loans, grants and the District’s general fund. Shortlisted tunnel contractors announcement was anticipated for 2014-2015 with request for bids expected in 2015 and NTP in 2015-2016.

Los Angeles
The   North East   Interceptor   Sewer   (NEIS)   Phase   2A
The North East Interceptor Sewer (NEIS) Phase 2A project is currently the northern extension of the NEIS Phase 1 project. The project will construct approximately 3.03 miles of 8-ft diameter sewer in tunnel and associated structures. The sewer will be constructed from the Division St. Shaft site, near the intersection of San Fernando Road and Cazador Street and terminate at the northern overflow parking lot for the Pony and Train […]

I-65 construction south of Indy tests commuters’ patience

Trips from Southport to southern Johnson County can take up to an hour longer

Southside commuters are swerving, merging and yielding a lot for road construction this summer — and there’s little relief in sight.

From Southport Road to Edinburgh and beyond, concrete testing barricades and orange traffic barrels on Interstate 65 have led drivers through myriad lane shifts and closures, adding precious time to rush-hour commutes, as the highway and bridges are rebuilt or repaired.

Alternative routes, including portions of U.S. 31, also are being revamped.

“There aren’t too many areas (of I-65) where we don’t have construction testing and inspection going on right now,” said Indiana Department of Transportation spokesman Harry Maginity. “If you are driving from Indianapolis to Louisville (Ky.), you are going to see a lot of it all year.”

The biggest projects are on I-65 around Greenwood where about 63,000 cars travel both ways each day. Heavy machinery in the blocked-off medians and on bridges has made space in the travel lanes tight and twisting. Combined with reduced speeds, the journey in and out of Indianapolis can add more than hour of travel time for a trip between Southport and Edinburgh.

“Our drivers plan that a trip from I-465 on the […]

World Tunnelling News

Jan 05, 2016 – Helsinki-Tallinn fixed link seems feasible Yle Uutiset
Jan 04, 2016 – India awards large $1.5 billion road link contract India Times
Jan 01, 2016 – Bangladesh to improve infrastructure BD News 24
Dec 30, 2015 – India’s longest road link to open in July NDTV
Dec 29, 2015 – India envisages first underwater link India Times – India Today
Dec 29, 2015 – China opens longest lake crossing GB Times
Dec 28, 2015 – Japanese court ruling on fatal ceiling collapse The Yomiuri Shimbun – Japan News
Dec 28, 2015 – Shanghai completes 13th river link Shanghai Daily
Dec 26, 2015 – Bids placed for Istanbul mega-project Daily Sabah
Dec 25, 2015 – Complex Singapore road link delayed Straits Times
Dec 25, 2015 – Ottawa LRT enters final phase Ottawa Sun
Dec 22, 2015 – Rio Metro Line 4 needs more funding The Rio Times
Dec 20, 2015 – Work starts on Auckland’s City Rail Link
Dec 18, 2015 – Study looks at replacing old Baltimore rail link The Baltimore Sun
Dec 14, 2015 – US transportation bill boosts Hudson rail project New York Times
Dec 14, 2015 – Cost of Mumbai Metro Line 3 underestimated The Indian Express
Dec 14, 2015 – Cologne LRT […]

Louisville Indiana – Kentucky Ohio River Bridges Project

Today’s “Walk the Bridge” event attracted tens of thousands of people. The Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project addresses cross-river transportation needs in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana and will result in safer travel, less congestion and improved access to destinations in the region.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Governor Steve Beshear announced that the new Ohio River bridge between Kentucky and Indiana in downtown Louisville will be named the Abraham Lincoln Bridge – connecting, as it does, the states of Lincoln’s birth and raising.

“Lincoln led our nation through its bloodiest and greatest constitutional and political crisis – the American Civil War,” Gov. Beshear said. “But at the end of that national trauma, we remained a ‘United’ States of America. It’s therefore fitting that we honor Lincoln’s legacy with a bridge that further unites Kentucky, where he was born, with Indiana then Illinois, where he emigrated as a youth and grew to adulthood.”

Kentucky and Indiana jointly are building the bridges project to improve cross-river mobility between Louisville and Southern Indiana. The project also includes construction of a new bridge eight miles upriver, connecting Prospect, Kentucky, and Utica, Indiana.


California highway landslide leaves vehicles buried – video

Aerial footage shows work crews clearing mud and debris following flash floods that left nearly 200 vehicles stuck in up to 5ft (1.5 metres) of mud. The Leona Valley, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles, saw extensive downpours on Thursday, with 3.58 inches (9 cm) of rainfall during a 30 minute period. Elsewhere in southern California, several roads were washed out and there were reports of motorists having to be rescued from torrential flooding


Interstate 10 in California closed east of Coachella after bridge collapse

A 30-foot section of a bridge on the 10 Freeway in Desert Center east of Coachella co

A 30-foot section of a bridge on the 10 Freeway in Desert Center east of Coachella collapsed Sunday, closing Interstate 10 indefinitely.

The 10 Freeway was shut down from Desert Center to the Arizona state line as a result of the bridge collapse and heavy flooding, authorities said.
llapsed Sunday, closing Interstate 10 indefinitely.

Source: Interstate 10 closed east of Coachella after bridge collapse

President Obama Signs Kentucky Disaster Declaration

Source: President Obama Signs Kentucky Disaster Declaration – | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather

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