Legacy of Ralph B. Peck
 Concrete Testing
 Compaction Testing

ASTM C231 – Air Content by Pressure Method

ASTM C173 – Air Content by Volumetric Method

ASTM C138 – Density (Unit Weight), Yield, and Air Content

ASTM C143 – Slump Test

ASTM C172 – Sampling Fresh Concrete

ASTM C1064 – Temperature

ASTM C31 – Making & Curing Concrete Specimens in the Field





Making Concrete Cylinders – ASTM C31



Concrete Slump Test – ASTM C143


Concrete Air Test – ASTM C231 Pressure Method


Concrete Temperature Test – ASTM C1064



Preparing and testing concrete cylinders (ASTM C39)



Roller Meter Concrete Air Test – ASTM C173 Volumetric Method


Unit Weight of Concrete Test – ASTM C138


Quality Control of Concrete On Site (Part 1)


Quality Control of Concrete On Site (Part 2)


ASTM C 270 vs. C 780 Proper Masonry Field Testing


ASTM C 1611-Standard Test Method for Slump Flow of Self-Consolidating Concrete