Source: 700 – Geotechnical Exploration Reports | Ohio Department of Transportation

701 General
702 Geotechnical Profile – Roadway
703 Geotechnical Profile – [Structure]
704 Geotechnical Profile – [Geohazard]
705 Geotechnical Design Memorandum
706 Report of Geotechnical Exploration, Findings and Recommendations
707 Method of Payment

701 General

Provide all geotechnical information as required to complete the project planning and design in accordance with the Project Development Process, or as directed by ODOT. Provide an electronic copy of all geotechnical submissions to the District Geotechnical Engineer. Clearly identify on every submission (reports, plan drawings, etc.), the geotechnical specification (title and date) under which the geotechnical work was contracted and performed. Label the first complete version of all documents being submitted as “draft”. Subsequent to ODOT review and approval, submit a complete version of the document, revised as necessary, and label “final”.

Submit electronic copies of all final Geotechnical Exploration plan sheets in accordance with Location & Design Manual Volume 3, Section 1201. Geotechnical Exploration plan sheets include Geotechnical Profile – Roadway sheets, Geotechnical Profile – Structure sheets, and Geotechnical Profile – Geohazard sheets. When submitting the final Geotechnical Exploration plan sheets, also submit final boring data in electronic format for inclusion in the ODOT Geotechnical Data Management System (GeoMS). All boring data shall be compliant with the Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (DIGGS) standard. Logs prepared using the latest ODOT gINT library will meet this requirement. Submittal of gINT project files that can then be successfully auto-converted to DIGGS format by ODOT is acceptable. Additional information on DIGGS can be found online.

Provide a black & white pdf file of all Geotechnical Profile sheets, except provide color versions of sheets presenting ODOT Rock Core Photograph Report pages. See Section 702.6.5 and Appendices C and D for additional information.