Interstate I-74 Slide Correction Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Dearborn County, Indiana

Introduced for the first time in the State of Indiana the use of geofoam (EPS) to stabilize slopes on Interstate I-74 Slide Correction.    The slide located about 1.5 miles east of SR 1 in Dearborn County, Indiana.  The failed soil was removed under the Interstate for about 20 feet deep then light weight expanded polystyrene fill (EPS) was placed as fill material.

Super Interstate I-70 Indiana Department of Transportation INDOT Indianapolis, Indiana

Designed the highest MSE wall (Mechanically Stabilized Reinforced Earth Wall) in State of Indiana on Super Interstate I-70.    The stretch of I-70 from the I-465 east leg to downtown of Indianapolis is one of the most heavily traveled roadways in the state of Indiana, carrying nearly 180,000 vehicles per day.  The MSE wall for the overpass at Sherman Drive was made to improve visibility and drainage (I-70 previously used to pass underneath Sherman Drive).

U.S. Route 50 Bridge over Tanners Creek in Dearborn County, Indiana

Geotechnical investigation for U.S. Route 50 Bridge over Tanners Creek in Dearborn County, Indiana. The design and analysis included seven spans bridge that span over Shipping Street, Central Railroad of Indiana, the Lawrenceburg Conservancy District’s flood control levee and Tanners Creek, steel shell encased concrete piles (pipe piles), mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls, a conventional cantilever concrete retaining wall, modular block walls, conventional earth embankments, and modification of the existing subsurface materials by installing “rammed aggregate piers” (also known as “Geopiers”) required due to potentially excessive settlement in the 20 ft of fill exists below areas of relatively high retaining walls and conventional earth embankments