GEOTILL provides geotechnical engineering consulting for many construction projects including power, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and structures; dams, levees and pipelines; tunnels, highways and bridges, and construction-related structures such as slurry walls and excavation support systems. Many of these projects draw on GEOTILL’s diverse specialty expertise, fields that are highly synergistic with our comprehensive knowledge of soil behavior, water groundwater flow, and earth science.

The underground is often thought of as a “black box,” full of risk and uncertainty. Through expert analysis, design and discussion with our clients, we reduce the unknowns and get projects out of the ground on time and on budget. Every site poses a unique mix of challenges, such as tight space, neighboring buildings, contamination, complex regulations, community concerns and more. GEOTILL designs solutions that address those unique challenges.

We work in a variety of construction scenarios. We help plan, estimate and schedule the underground elements of a project, a piece that is often “fast tracked” to get construction started and out of the ground. We provide a host of expert services to owners, architects, contractors and construction companies, offering creative, practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenges that so often arise during construction.

Geotechnical Consulting and Engineering

Feasibility and Planning
• Site suitability evaluation
• Project feasibility study
• Records review
• Aerial photograph interpretation
• Preliminary subsurface investigation

Design Development
• Subsurface exploration
• Laboratory testing of soil and rock
• Foundation engineering
• Embankment and levee design
• Erosion control design
• Slope stability analysis
• Earth dam and levee design
• Fill materials evaluation
• Drainage evaluation
• Surface and groundwater hydrology
• Dewatering system design
• Aggregate evaluation
• Pavement design
• Machine foundation design
• Seismic engineering
• Tunnel and shaft design
• Specification review/development

Construction and Fabrication
• Earthwork evaluation and monitoring
• Instrumentation design and installation
• Dewatering system design
• Materials evaluation
• Excavation bracing
• Pile driving monitoring
• Foundation installation monitoring

Post-Construction and Operations
• Instrumentation program
• Failure investigation/consulting
• Foundation underpinning consulting
• Landslide remediation
• Expert testimony

Landfill Services
• Landfill siting studies
• Landfill design and permitting
• Certification of design and construction of landfill caps and liners
• Hydrogeologic studies and groundwater control
• Site remediation studies and services
• Landfill closure

Mined Land Reclamation

Drainage and Flood Control Analysis and Design

Resource Studies