The Inner Workings of Geotechnical Drilling
Column Helps Drillers, Consultants Improve Drilling Operations

geotechnical drilling

Geotechnical drilling is a compelling field. With The Underground Network, we aim to help drillers, assistant drillers, consultants and others navigate its complexities.

Welcome to The Underground Network, a new column designed unravel the inner workings of geotechnical drilling. I aim to provide candid, constructive insights for experienced drillers, assistant drillers just starting out and environmental consultants alike. I hope to make this column a must-read for enhancing your knowledge and improving your drilling operations.

Why should you read The Underground Network? In this first edition, I outline the topics I plan to cover and offer a couple of starter bits of advice.

Practical Techniques and Tips:

Geotechnical drilling is a compelling field, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on new techniques and tips that can improve your everyday drilling efficiency onsite. I can provide practical insights, proven approaches and fresh ideas you can apply directly to your everyday work onsite. These tips can complement your existing skills, minimize downtime and ultimately improve the outcomes of your client’s projects.

What kind of tips? How about this: Looking to be a better driller? Baroid IDP has conducted drilling fluid trainings for over 50 years, offering field and classroom seminars and demonstrations for rig personnel, contractors, engineers, geologists and regulatory personnel. These seminars, held annually in Houston, consist of five-day courses covering basic drilling fluids technology as well as operational applications such as water well drilling, diamond coring for minerals exploration and construction-trenchless technology. I can guide you through the sign-up process.

Industry Updates and News:

Success in our drilling industry requires you to stay informed about the latest trends and developments. I plan to deliver important industry updates, including new technologies, drilling rig advancements and regulatory changes. By staying up to date, you can adapt your drilling practices to meet current industry standards and gain a competitive edge in the field.

Of course, no one person or outlet can cover it all, so I also urge folks in in the industry to consider outlets like newsletters and social media to find up-to-date news. Follow manufacturers, distributors, organizations and influencers who regularly share insights on trends and new products. They can help you stay informed. Look for influencers who can provide consistent, regular updates — a topic I expect to talk about in a future article.

Real-Life Success Stories:

Nothing is more inspiring and relatable than learning from the experiences of other drillers. I plan to feature real-life success stories from professionals who have drilled through unique challenges and achieved notable outcomes. Discover practical strategies, lessons learned and best practices you can apply to your own drilling projects. Benefit from the wisdom of others.

Environmental Considerations Made Easy:

Environmental responsibility is a growing concern in our drilling industry. I hope to simplify the complex topic of environmental considerations, providing practical tips and techniques to minimize your impact. Learn about sustainable drilling practices, eco-friendly technologies and compliance with environmental regulations. By incorporating these practices, you can contribute to a greener future while meeting client expectations.

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities:

Building connections with manufacturers, distributors and other drillers in the industry fosters professional growth and collaboration. I aim to help you make these connections with fellow drillers, suppliers, and industry experts to engage in discussions, share insights, and forge valuable relationships with like-minded professionals.

For example, we all know it can get tiring to have the same daily interactions at the shop. You can start by joining the Geotechnical Environmental Drilling group on Facebook, a vibrant community with over 4,300 drillers and manufacturers from North America. Connect with fellow professionals, seek assistance, stay informed about industry updates, and even receive unfiltered feedback on your drills and products to enhance their quality.

Those wanting a more face-to-face experience might want to consider attending the National Drilling Association (NDA) convention in Kentucky in September or the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Groundwater Week in Michigan in early December. These events provide great opportunities to meet people and engage in meaningful discussions related to their respective industries.

Together, we can strengthen the drilling community and drive collective progress. Join us on this journey of continual improvement as we delve into the depths of geotechnical drilling.


Source: Unraveling the Inner Workings of Geotechnical Drilling | The Driller