Limited Access Drilling

STEEP-SLOPESSteep Slopes ­
At GEOTILL steep slopes are our specialty. With very little site prep, usually using only pick and shovel, our equipment can be set up on some of the steepest of slopes or in extreme cases we can even drill from a cage into a vertical rock face.





confined spacesConfined Spaces­
With our highly portable drilling equipment GEOTILL can set up in a space as small as a bathroom stall. We can obtain valuable geotechnical data in tight spaces for evaluation of failing or shifting structures.









indoors Indoors
GEOTILLhas an extensive resume of indoor drilling projects. We have numerous ways of safely powering our equipment indoors from electrically driven pumps and hydraulic power packs to hydraulic hose extensions to exhaust hoses. We have completed projects inside dams, warehouses, office buildings, residential buildings, tunnels, basements and more. Basically if there is reasonable man access chances are pretty good that we can get a drill rig in there.





Landslides Landslides ­
With our steep slope set ups and minimal site disturbance GEOTILL can set up on multiple locations within a landslide area to obtain geotechnical samples as well as install monitoring instrumentation.











remote locationExtremely Remote Locations ­
At GEOTILL we can get our equipment into locations where there is no hope of getting wheeled or track mounted equipment. Using light helicopters to ferry equipment and crews we can easily reach some of the most inaccessible sites.










over waterOver Water ­
From creeks, streams, and rivers to lakes and tidal areas when it comes to over water investigative drilling GEOTILL has you covered. Utilizing platforms, light duty barges, and support boats we can provide drilling and sampling services to help get a clearer picture of the subsurface below a body of water.





From investigating the geology of proposed dam sites to evaluating existing or failed structures GEOTILL has an extensive background. Our equipment can be bolted onto or placed inside of most places on a dam and used to collect samples for testing structural integrity or contact zones as well as clearing drains and installing instrumentation.








environmentalEnvironmentally Sensitive Areas ­
Site disturbance is minimal to nonexistent. GEOTILL uses specialized equipment that sets up on leveling legs eliminating the need for leveled drill pads. Because of the minimal impact of using this equipment we have been permitted to drill several projects within Designated Wilderness areas and have easily obtained permits to drill in highly scrutinized Forest Service and National Park areas.





BridgesBridges ­
GEOTILL provides investigative services for existing and proposed bridge structures. From collecting soil and rock samples for feasibility studies to taking samples of 100-year-old piers, columns, and abutments we can access the data needed for bridge engineering decisions.






drilled shaftDrilled Shaft Investigations
In cases where a Drilled Shaft has failed a Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) test GEOTILL can collect core samples down through the Drilled Shaft and into the anomaly zone. When corrective actions are required our boreholes can sometimes be used as pressure grouting conduits.  Our quick response times and versatility have made us a go to contractor for these project halting scenarios. With the help of the onsite contractor, who is usually at a stand still until this situation is resolved, we can set up our equipment over top of or inside of rebar cages minimizing the need for dismantling and repairing the cage.