Understanding the engineering behavior and therefore potential risks posed by soil and rock is what our geotechnical engineers do best. Issues of strength and stability are assessed, designed and managed working closely with our contaminated land experts where required. From land divestment to property development, our team have the experience to design solutions which optimize your assets.

A geotechnical evaluation should always be part of any comprehensive due diligence assessment associated with the transfer or development of a given site, and is a relatively low-cost/low-impact approach to reducing potential liability associated with unidentified site conditions. Many government regulatory agencies require a geotechnical evaluation for projects ranging from small-scale residential development to large commercial development.  While some agencies allow the use of default code values when a geotechnical analysis is not performed, these values are usually very conservative.  A quality geotechnical evaluation of a project site can save a project considerable time and expense by providing the design team and contractors with subsurface information and design parameters during the initial design and planning stages.  The cost of change orders due to unexpected subsurface conditions can be very high and can usually be avoided through a quality geotechnical evaluation.