As experts in the fields of geotechnical and water resource engineering, GEOTILL provides forensic engineering and litigation support services to owner clients and their attorneys. We routinely evaluate the performance of many types of structures, including buildings, dams, tunnels, waterfront facilities, pipelines, and other civil infrastructure. Our staff is experienced in piecing together technical events and effectively assembling them so that juries and other lay people can understand and accept the desired conclusions.

Litigation Support

Environmental Litigation Support—GEOTILL has provided a wide variety of litigation support activities in support of cost recovery actions related to environmental contamination claims. Our expert services have included age dating of releases, contaminant source and contribution analysis, future remediation cost estimating through fate and transport modeling, forensic analysis, and risk characterization.

Insurance Claims Support—Our approach to insurance claims includes technical understanding of the issues and gaining a clear understanding of potential insurance defenses. We have provided expert services to As Damages, Owned Property, Expected and Intended, Sudden and Accidental, and Late Notice disputes.

Construction Damage & Changed Conditions Claims—Construction issues can result in substantial potential claims. The nature of these claims may relate to the property itself or third party claims for abutting properties that have been impacted by construction related activities. GEOTILL’s expertise in geotechnical engineering has supported substantial cost recoveries and technically sound solutions to problems of building damages and settlements.

Dam and Pipeline Failures—Dam, levee and pipeline failures can have catastrophic consequences, including property damage and loss of life. Understanding a failure occurred is critical to evaluating claims for damages. GEOTILL provides such expert services to insurers, attorneys, and manufacturers.