Foundation engineering is a principal specialty of GEOTILL.  Our foundations design experience has included a wide range of high- and low-rise buildings in urban environments. In addition to building foundations, our experience includes a variety of transportation-related projects ranging from bridge foundations to tunnel design, and power plant site characterization and foundation design. Over the years we have worked with foundation contractors to provide specialized construction techniques to prevent damage to nearby utilities and buildings. This broad experience in the practical application of foundation engineering allows us to design innovative and cost-effective foundations.

Our geotechnical capabilities include management of the soils and urban fill excavated during a project, evaluating opportunities for on-site reuse of soil and cost effective off-site disposal options. Our Licensed Site Professionals possess the regulatory and practical expertise to navigate a project through local, state and federal environmental regulations while avoiding construction delays. We know that contamination is just one more underground condition that needs to be managed as part of a building project.