GEOTILL has extensive experience in hydraulic studies to model flow through water conveyance facilities such as open channels, conduits, spillways and outlet works. GEOTILL engineers have analyzed and designed a variety of water control and water conveyance structures.

Whether these structures are associated with a major dam or an important water delivery system, GEOTILL provides its clients with the expertise and experience to evaluate the safety and hydraulic adequacy of structures such as dam spillways, outlet works and overtopping protection. In addition GEOTILL has designed, analyzed and made cost effective recommendations concerning improvement or replacement of features associated with canals, elevated flumes, siphons and gate water-control structures. We have also designed new treated-water pipelines and evaluated existing pipelines installed in corrosive or unique subsurface conditions. GEOTILL has the expertise and resources including modeling software for analyzing the hydraulic characteristics of pipe networks, canals and natural channels.

Our engineers have extensive experience with hydrology and hydraulic techniques, including the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation hydraulic design standards and the National Weather Service Hydrometeorological Reports. Related services include surface water hydrology analyses; probable maximum precipitation and probable maximum flood analyses; water resource systems modeling; flood hydrology and inundation mapping; statistical analysis of hydrologic data; flood routing studies for emergency action plans; incremental damage assessments; dam hazard classification consistent with Bureau of Reclamation Standards; dam breach analyses; flood routing using; Urban storm water runoff analyses, and design of detention ponds.