Source: Hundreds of landslides followed Haiti earthquake, Tropical Depression Grace – The Washington Post

Source: Earthquake in Haiti Triggers Landslides

aerial view of Haiti landslides August 14, 2021

After a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit southwestern Haiti on the Saturday morning of August 14th, hundreds of landslides threatened the area. Landslides are one of the biggest causes of earthquake-related deaths. In 2010, the earthquake near Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, killed roughly 200,000 people and led to tens of thousands of landslides.

The earthquake was centered about eight miles southeast of Petit-Trou-de-Nippes at a depth of six miles. USGS reported at least 150 landslides south of the epicenter, to the west of the town L’Asile. The mountains and south of Beaumont experienced hundreds more.

“Even though a lot of the central and western parts of the epicentral area have been obscured by cloud cover, we haven’t seen too many landslides in the gaps in the clouds,” wrote Robert Emberson, a landslide researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “We anticipate that the bulk of the landsliding (at least from the earthquake) is in the

[Pic Macaya] National Park.”

The National Hurricane Center predicted 5 to 10 inches of rain in Haiti with a possibility of up to 15 inches. Flash flooding, mudslides, and landslides were all expected following the rain.

“With the ongoing tropical storm rainfall, further landslides are likely,” wrote Emberson. “In particular, landslide material mobilized by the earthquake may be washed downstream as debris flows. We will continue to monitor changes over the coming days to assess the exacerbated impact of the rainfall and provide situational awareness.”

Landslides and earthquakes have recently in multiple parts of the world. Denali Park, Sichuan China, Battle Creek Michigan, and a recent Monsoon in India are just four of the most recently affected areas.