If you’re familiar with our CPT University blog then you may have had a chance to take a closer look into what CPT can do for your business. If you’re yet to make the switch; it may be because you don’t exactly have the means to support the transition into the CPT business. Fortunately, if you’re still looking to reap the benefits of CPT rigs, the Vertek CPT Drill Rig Adapter may be the solution that you have been searching for. Read on to learn how you can start growing your drilling business.

Converting a drill rig into a CPT platform using a Vertek CPT Drill Rig Adapter

Businesses that transition out of SPT or Hollow Stem Auger Drilling are able to become more efficient and obtain a higher daily rate.

How Does it Work?

The drill rig CPT adapter kit enables drilling service providers to complete CPT testing with their existing equipment. So how does it work exactly? The simple adapter is first screwed onto the drill head. This enables the existing push and pull hydraulic system to advance and retract the CPT equipment to and from the subsurface. This is just a small snippet of what the drill rig CPT adapter kit can do, for even more on it’s functionality, visit our drilling conversion page.

A CPT Drilling Conversion Rig Kit Consists of:

  • A Peizo-Cone Penetrometer
  • A Data Acquisition System (DAS) and coaxial communication cable
  • A Depth Marker for depth measurement
  • A Drill Head Adapter for advancing and removal
  • Rods or Rod Adapters
  • Wear surface consumables and spares (tips, sleeves, pore pressure filters)
  • Seismic shear wave equipment (optional)

Converting a drilling rig can be a cost-effective entry into CPT. By following this route, you can enter the CPT business with a brand that offers exceptional domestic support and parts as well as a range of products that let you grow your business in a variety of directions!

Take a look at this video to learn more about converting to a CPT Drill Rig Adapter:

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