If you’re familiar with the CPT University then you may have had the chance to see our article: Why Are There So Many Kinds of CPT Rigs? As you may have read, there are many different rigs available; but depending upon the types of surface conditions or the terrain, one option may be more suitable for your project over another. Read on to take a deeper dive into a few different examples of CPT rigs, uses and applications.

S4 CPT Push System

The S4 is a robust and affordable push system that can be attached to many types of heavy equipment including ski steers, trailers, backhoes, and more. The S4 is revolutionary in many respects, for instance it provides 20 tons of CPT push capacity in a compact and affordable package.

This agile, lightweight rig is only available from Vertek CPT and is one of the most inexpensive alternatives to the traditional rig. The system is equipped with full-systtem hydraulics giving you full operating control, as well as the ability to drive 2 Motorized Anchor Heads and all of the CPT system features you need to eliminate the need for external cylinders. There is no alternative to the S4 Push System that lets you enter the CPT business with confidence that you can prove out your business model before going ‘all in’.

CPT Track Rigs

With fully equipped features and capabilities, CPT Track Rigs are available in light, medium and heavy configurations. These CPT rigs are designed to meet rigorous requirements and the demanding range of foundation work you are likely to encounter as your business grows. For certain geographical areas soft soils, boggy areas and changing environments demand a track rig. This means that you can immediately differentiate your services from the competition. CPT Track Rigs are super-pro.

Track rigs can be built on a range of different platforms to better serve your specific needs. Rigs, like the Vertek CPT Crawler can be controlled with either a walkbehind remote control or with a driving station that is built on to the platform. These two options ensure that you have the best control and a smooth operation.

Medium and Heavy CPT Trucks

As your CPT business grows, you’ll want the ability to provide on-site Cone Penetration Services more efficiently at larger scales. Medium and Heavy CPT trucks provide advantages for the larger CPT business. These CPT trucks provide a lab type environment which can make working in all kinds of weather possible, extending the number of pushes that you can bill for in a given year. For larger job sites, a Medium or Heavy CPT truck is a more feasible option. Because of the inherent weight of the vehicles, the likelihood of having to set up anchors to keep the rig from being lifted by a higher force push is less. This means faster set-ups and deeper pushes are more probable with a heavy rig than with a CPT rig that requires anchoring. Faster set-ups and not having to set anchors means that you can go through a large site doing as many pushes as is required by the engineering specifications much more efficiently.

Want to learn more about the different types of CPT rigs and see specific features and applicatons? Take a closer look at our product guide or visit our products page.

With a product range that includes different types of CPT rigs, each with their own uses, applications and advantages Vertek CPT wants to be your solution parter for the life of your CPT business. When you are just starting out, you’ll want lots of education and hand-holding and that’s what we’re here for. As your business grows, you’ll want a partner that has a complete range of products so that you don’t have to stock lots of different wearing parts, learn how to operate and maintain different control systems or use different analytics software. Having a partner that builds quality products right here in the USA means that you have quick access to parts and support.

We’ve designed our company to be the CPT solution that you have been searching for to increase your confidence in the field. Businesses who have expanded into CPT have benefited from the speedy collection and interpretation of data, which has increased their daily rate and generated higher ROI for their business. In addition to this large benefit, operators are able to adapt to different weather and soil conditions, have access to push sites in rough terrain and expand their customer offerings.

If you still have questions or concerns about entering or expanding in the CPT business, please feel free to contact us or subscribe to our blog for continued education.