CPT Mini Track Rig – Our Most Compact Self-Powered Rig

New – The Mini-Track Rig provides all-terrain performance at an affordable capital cost! The latest addition to Vertek's robust line of self-propelled CPT rigs harnesses the popular 20-ton S4 Push System in a small but versatile package. This rubber-tracked rig is easy to maneuver, ideal for limited access areas, and maintains a low ground pressure of 4.5 psi. The S4 Mini-Track Rig provides a powerful carrier at an affordable price when compared to the cost of new construction equipment. Is the Mini-Track Rig right for your application? The Mini-Track Rig is ideal for situations where agility and low ground pressure are important At only 10.5 feet long, it can be transported to job sites with a pick-up and trailer The S4 CPT system's tilt mount increases stability on uneven terrain and provides a low profile during transport The S4 can be removed and attached to construction equipment or custom trailers, allowing for any number of configurations The Mini-Track Rig is available with many options to meet all your testing needs. Though small and light, the Mini-Track Rig provides convenience and functionality similar to Vertek's larger purpose-built CPT rigs. Optional features include: Mechanical or Hydraulic Clamp Diesel or Gas Engine 300,350,400, or 500 mm Anchor Decontamination System Remote Operation 120V AC Inverter Rod Rack For a full list of features, specifications and technical data, visit vertekcpt.com or download our full catalog of Geotechnical and Environmental products.