Source: Corps honors Flynn for geotech work

EDWARDSVILLE — Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Engineering (SOE) alumnus Stefan Flynn has been recognized as the 2021 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Early Career Geoprofessional of the Year.

“While simply being nominated for this award meant a lot to me, I was humbled to have been selected,” said Flynn. “It was equally exciting to see an award created for early career professionals. This award is a testament to the leadership of the Geotechnical, Geology and Materials Community of Practice and their efforts to support, involve and recognize our employees at all professional levels.”

“For those organizations that are not already doing so, I highly encourage you to consider ways to recognize your younger/early career professionals,” said Flynn. “I am both proud and grateful to work for such a dedicated and impactful organization as the USACE with our great teams across the nation, within the Mississippi Valley Division, and at home in the Rock Island District.”

In 2014, while pursuing a bachelor’s in civil engineering at SIUE, Flynn began working with the USACE as a student intern at the St. Louis District. Upon graduation in 2015, he was offered a full-time job with the Rock Island District. He currently serves as a senior geotechnical engineer and conducts design, construction and inspection of dams, levees and navigation structures.

The Early Career Geoprofessional of the Year award recognizes Flynn for exhibiting professionalism and commitment to excellence through:

• Enhanced regional and/or national projects,

• Achievements and innovations in geotechnical engineering, geology or materials engineering,

• Contributions to professional/technical societies,

• Enhanced relationships with peers, partners and contractors, and

• Demonstrated exemplary levels of trust and integrity.

During his time at SIUE, Flynn served as a research assistant and conducted research for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He went on to earn a master’s in civil engineering with a geotechnical focus from Mississippi State University. Flynn thanks SIUE for allowing him to have a good grasp on his career trajectory before completing his undergraduate degree.

USACE awards select individuals for many categories across 43 districts in the continental U.S. and abroad. This award was specific to the Geotechnical, Geology, and Materials Community of Practice, which includes about 1,200 engineers and scientists.