Source: Horrocks’ Informed Streets Pavement Management Solution

Road maintenance is an essential component of city infrastructure. However, deciding what needs to be fixed and when is often a subject of debate. That’s where Horrocks’ new pavement management system comes it. Using data-driven analysis, it takes some of the guesswork out of the entire process making road maintenance more cost-effective. This will be an exceptionally great tool for cities like Anchorage, Atlanta, Boulder, Chicago, Indianapolis, Little Rock, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Phoenix.

Informed Streets for Pavement Management

Horrocks’ new pavement management system has been dubbed Informed Streets. This is simply because it helps create road maintenance schedules, allowing our clients to maximize their budgets by applying the right treatment to the right road at the right time. This system assesses existing pavement conditions and uses predictive models to develop unique, data-driven management plans that optimize costs and upkeep. These plans are created through the following four stages:

1. Initial Assessment and Survey
Horrocks’ mobile LiDAR unit during initial survey

In the initial phase of service, Horrocks’ in-house survey crews complete a thorough survey and pavement assessment of the roadways. This is done using a truck-mounted Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) unit to assess the pavement by collecting one million survey-grade points every second. Our experts then use this data to develop a baseline for a pavement management plan by providing one of two pavement ratings, depending on our client’s needs: the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) or Pavement Condition Index (PCI).

2. Data Analysis and Planning

Once the pavement rating is complete, an online platform is set up for our client, which includes the Informed Streets3D Viewer. Horrocks’ Informed Streets 3D Viewer integrates GIS systems, LiDAR point clouds, and photography in one robust platform that allows for easy viewing and inventory of assets. This helps asset owners validate the spatial accuracy of their GIS data against a high-quality point cloud, and visualizes their 2D or 3D data in a photorealistic environment.

3. Project Visualization and Management

Example of Informed Streets project maps, charts, and models

The Informed Streets online platform also includes a fully customizable pavement management dashboard. This dashboard is supplemented by maps, charts, and models, and allows for easy navigation of project data to be shared with stakeholders, decision-makers, and field crews. Our platform’s predictive modeling technology allows agencies to compare their roadways’ lifespans meet funding constraints.

4. Support, Training, and Customization

Informed Streets is being constantly updated. In addition to customizing the Informed Streets dashboard for client-specific requests, our experts continue to develop tools and features to streamline projects, improve communication, and enhance platform navigation. Horrocks provides software training for our clients’ staff and supplies information and support for new features to help users access the full functionality of their pavement management data.