The Vertek Lightweight CPT Push System is the most portable hydraulic CPT push system on the market. Offering 10 tons of push force, yet compact enough to be transported and operated by a two-person team, this system is ideal for testing locations that would be inaccessible to a rig-based or truck-mounted system.

Weighing only 480 pounds, the hydraulic load frame is can be transported to the job site via truck or small trailer, then unloaded and rolled to hard-to-access test locations by hand. The system is designed so that the handle weight is less than 25 lbs when tilted on its wheels for travel, and large tires make the system easy to roll on uneven ground.

The hydraulic power pack and cylinders, weighing 430 lbs and 335 lbs respectively, are independent of the frame for ease of transportation. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble via hydraulic quick disconnects. The twin cylinders are coupled by a platen that can push or pull digital electronic or mechanical cones and water or soil samplers. The anchoring system includes four sturdy augers, a drive unit and all necessary tools. Watch the easy set-up and see the system at work in the video below.

At Vertek CPT, we love to develop innovative yet practical CPT solutions with real ROI. Our Lightweight CPT Push System offers ultra-mobile yet robust hydraulic push power to bring your CPT business wherever you need to go. From lab applications to remote locations on rough terrain, this system is highly portable, economical, and provides enough depth and power for many types of soil tests.