When faced with the prospect of a major purchase, it’s common to look into the possibility of buying used. In most circumstances, this is a perfectly valid option with a number of upsides, the most obvious of which being a lower upfront investment. However, when it comes to buying a used CPT Rig, you might be better off buying a new rig from a trusted vendor. Here’s why.

Used Means Used

First and foremost, Cone Penetration Testing is too important to leave up to chance. Sure, your used CPT Rig may appear in fine working order and you may have acquired it from a reputable seller, but there’s no getting around the simple fact that a used rig has a higher chance of failing than a brand new one. This point is further compounded when you consider the fact that even the best used CPT Rig dealer can’t match the expertise of a CPT Rig manufacturer.

Expertise Straight from the Source

When you buy a CPT Rig from Vertek CPT, you’re also getting access to our knowledgeable technical sales staff; something used CPT Rig sellers can’t offer. Additionally, in some instances, Vertek CPT will provide comprehensive training and will even accompany you to your first job site to maximize your chances of success. You can’t get that kind of service or expertise from a used CPT Rig dealer.
Even if you think you have enough experience with CPT Rigs to ensure success with a used rig, though, it’s also worth noting that not every CPT Rig is right for every task.

A Wide Variety of CPT Rigs

If you have a broad enough knowledge base to feel comfortable buying and setting up a used CPT Rig, then you probably also know that there are many kinds of CPT Rigs. Cone Penetration Testing is complex and so there are a number of CPT Rigs designed to tackle various uses and applications. On a broad level, there are light, medium and heavy CPT Track Rigs, as well as Medium and Heavy CPT trucks; each of which is designed for specific usage scenarios.
Furthermore, lighter offerings like the S4 CPT Push System from Vertek CPT are inexpensive alternatives to the traditional CPT Rig. It’s also worth noting that the S4 Push System’s mounting apparatus (skid steer or backhoe) can be rented or leased as needed, which can be a great option for starting a new CPT business.

Short Term vs. Long Term

Of course, the final decision is up to you, but all other factors aside, it’s worth considering the short term cost as compared to potential long term cost. A new CPT Rig is likely to last longer than a used one, making it a potentially cheaper investment down the line. More importantly, rental and leasing options offer all the benefits of buying used with none of the downsides.