Japanese CPT Services Built by Vertek

Land Concierge Inc.’s subsurface technology manager Hideyuki Sato and colleague Yoshihiro Imai visited Vertek CPT’s manufacturing facility for a demonstration of our S4 Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) push system and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS).

Land Concierge Inc. has been a customer of Vertek since 2009 and is our sales agent in Japan. Contact Mr. Sato with your Japanese soil testing equipment needs and questions.

Vertek personnel demonstrated the versatility of the S4 and provided an interactive tour of our CPT fabrication facilities.

Mr. Sato indicated that requests for CPT testing in Japan has increased since 2011 and many of his customers that are interested in incorporating Verteks’ S4 and CPT equipment into their business.

Land Concierge’s clients focus on:

  • Contaminted sites
  • Site characterization
  • Bio-remediation
  • Geothechnical in-situ testing
  • Soil and groundwater sampling

If your organization would like to send a representative to our Vermont facility to learn more about the CPT business and technologies, contact us today.