Attending CPT Symposium 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada

See The Vertek S4 Push System in Person! The 3rd International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing will be held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 12-14, 2014. The theme of the Symposium is the solution of geotechnical and geo-environmental problems using the Cone Penetration Test (CPT). We'll be at booth #1 and also setup outside with our new S4 Push System which is designed to be attached to a wide variety of equipment. Learn more about our entire line of products and data acquisition systems.

Testing Pavement Sections at Ohio University

Ohio Unversity Accelerated Pavement Tester in Action! In 1997 Vertek delivered our first of many Accelerated Transportation Loading Systems (ATLaS). Ohio University published this video, dated in 2012 of the pavement load tester in use at their Accelerated Pavement Load Facility. Common pavement tests include: Pavement coating lifetime analysis Experimental pavement fatigue estimation Pavement rutting Impact of temperature cycling on pavement Effects of wheel wander on pavement lifespan [/fusion_youtube] Though our designs have evolved since 1997 to better handle environmental and energy useage factors, many components of the above are still present on our current deliveries of pavement and bridge deck testers. These testers are designed to deliver actionable data regarding the lifespan and limits of road surfaces and pavement composition in shortened timespans. While this website is primary dedicated to our CPT business, Vertek's wealth of geotechnical manufacturing experience has led to additional focus on structural integrity fields such as load testing. See our ATLaS pavement and bridge load testing page for more information or to inquire.

Land Concierge of Japan Visits Vertek CPT Facility

Japanese CPT Services Built by Vertek Land Concierge Inc.’s subsurface technology manager Hideyuki Sato and colleague Yoshihiro Imai visited Vertek CPT's manufacturing facility for a demonstration of our S4 Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) push system and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). Land Concierge Inc. has been a customer of Vertek since 2009 and is our sales agent in Japan. Contact Mr. Sato with your Japanese soil testing equipment needs and questions. Vertek personnel demonstrated the versatility of the S4 and provided an interactive tour of our CPT fabrication facilities. Mr. Sato indicated that requests for CPT testing in Japan has increased since 2011 and many of his customers that are interested in incorporating Verteks’ S4 and CPT equipment into their business. Land Concierge's clients focus on: Contaminted sites Site characterization Bio-remediation Geothechnical in-situ testing Soil and groundwater sampling If your organization would like to send a representative to our Vermont facility to learn more about the CPT business and technologies, contact us today.

CPT Case Study: GEI Consultants

30 years of Cone Penetration Testing with GEI We're proud of the relationship we have with our long time customers. We succeed together. One of these groups is GEI Consultants, which has been delivering engineering services around the globe since 1970. Sean Brady, Senior Instrumentation Specialist with GEI, provided CPT University with background on their operation as it pertains to their CPT efforts. Briefly describe GEI’s engineering focus. What do you do for whom? GEI is a medium size engineering firm with around 700 employees in the United States. Our business line within GEI is Geo-technical, non-destructive testing, and geophysics. Our engineering’s have designed over 75% of downtown Chicago’s foundations and most of the tallest buildings in the world. We often are part of the design team when difficult and challenging soils are encountered. We perform CPT’s on earthen dams/embankments, river sediment depths, USCOE projects from Ft. Peck Montana to New York, RR alignments, bridge embankments, and Power plants. A little of everything you can imagine from Water, RR bridges, Landfills, stability of tail basins for the mines. We also oversee other companies performing CPT. We just worked in Asantana, Kazahkstan overseeing a new energy exposition 2016 project for both SPT’s and CPT. Also have overseen CPT testing in Doha, Qatar. When did CPT first become of interest and why? We have over 30 years of CPT testing experience. In the late 80’s we purchased a 30T CPT truck and traveled around the US performing CPT on challenging geo-technical projects. In the mid-90’s we sold our truck and started to perform CPT testing behind drill rigs. At the time we had a fleet of 18 drill rigs from track mounted, ATV, truck mounted, Barge mounted, etc. We get involved with delicate soils all the time. In some cases even when [...]

Terracon Consulting Engineers Takes Delivery of 20 Ton CPT Track Rig

Cone penetration test rig leaves Vertek CPT's Randolph, VT facility. It can be a bit somber watching one of our CPT track rigs head out the door after spending a few months building the rig here in Vermont, but thankfully we get to work with our partners long after the sale to make sure they're successful in the field. This 20 ton cone pentration test track rig is headed to Terracon Consulting Engineers and Scientists of Olathe, Kansas. [/fusion_youtube]

New Geotechnical Exploration Firm in Southeast US: PalmettoINSITU

Vertek S4 Push System In Action Extracting underground data to determine soil parameters in order to efficiently provide foundation requirements Vertek customer Michael Cox has launched PalmettoINSITU, LLC, a geotechnical exploration firm specializing in extracting and presenting more exact data from coastal, southeastern, and southwestern soils prior to development and construction projects. Geotechnical engineers will contract with PalmettoINSITU to extract underground data to determine soil parameters in order to efficiently provide foundation requirements for: Bridges, multi-story buildings, private residences, nuclear power plants, wind turbines, cellular communication towers, municipal water tanks, water treatment facilities, sinkholes, profiling top-of-rock, directional boring, and many other critical applications prior to development and construction. About Michael Cox: Michael Cox spent 13 years with S&ME, a global Top-100 engineering firm before launching PalmettoINSITU in June of 2014. Michael Cox graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with an MS in Information Technology and a BS in Computer Information Systems. Cox also earned an AS in Civil Engineering Technology, including AutoCAD and Surveying certificates from Trident Technical College in Charleston. Michael Cox is known as the "Indiana Jones" of capturing soil data in the geotechnical engineering space, due to his reputation and innovation for getting in and out of some of the most challenging site locations. Before beautiful residences, commercial buildings, or major facilities are built, their raw land is typically rough, wooded, wet, or otherwise a challenge to physically enter in order to begin testing the soil. Vertek's S4 Push System offers maximum flexibility to access these site locations due to application on a variety of equipment. Michael Cox earned over a decade of geotechnical experience working on the following projects: Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Virginia), Andrews Air Force Base (Maryland), The Boeing Facility (South Carolina), The Bellefonte Nuclear Station (Alabama), Robinson Nuclear Power Plant (South Carolina), The Google [...]

Incotec Q&A: Cone Testing in Bolivia

CPT in South America Vertek's S4 Push System has made entry into the CPT market accessible for a growing list of geotechnical professionals. Here on our CPT U blog we often provide a closer look at some of these organizations and how their regional markets operate. One such company is a Bolivian construction and engineering group that's been in operation since 1968, but has just recently added CPT to their offerings thanks to a Vertek S4. Read on for our Q&A with Mario A. Teceros of Incotec. Provide a brief background on your company. How/when did it originate? It was established in 1968. Is one of the oldest operating construction companies in Bolivia. It was initially created to build urban infrastructure and housing. Rapidly entered to the civil works and the deep foundations market. Incotec also started with the first geotechnical equipment (SPT and DPM) in 1968. Since then, beside the experience in different type of projects (ranging from concrete structures to industrial constructions and dams), the speciality in deep and special foundations has been the main "stamp" of Incotec. Is family company and now the third generation is working. What is the scope and focus of Incotec today? More specialization in all the fields of its activities, mainly with the incorporation of cutting edge equipments for soil tests (SCPTu from Vertek), deep foundation construction (BG18, BG20 and BG 30 from Bauer, with tools for Full Displacement Piles, Cutter Soil Mixing, cased piles) and quality controls (From Pile Dynamics, PIT, Cross Hole and PDA). But the main product developed by Incotec during the last decade is the EXpander Body, a steel folded "balloon" that is installed at the tip of a pile or an anchor. The EB is then injected with grout to expand it, compacting the surrounding soil and [...]

Building a CPT Truck in Less Than 3 Minutes (Video)

This short video compresses about a month of construction time on a 20 Ton CPT Truck built by Vertek CPT at our Vermont facility during the summer of 2014. CPT Trucks are popular for those looking for maximum push force and all-in-one mobility. This truck will be delivered to the customer upon completion of the internal components. Large trucks provide greater push force and improved working environs while smaller trucks provide greater mobility in tight spaces. Contact us to see which is best for you. Our new S4 Push System also provides a path to entering the CPT market with limited investment. [/fusion_youtube]

Financing of New CPT Equipment Now Available

We're pleased to announce a partnership with Oakmont Capital Services as our preferred lending partner allowing Vertek CPT customers in the U.S. and Canada to enter the CPT business with as litte as no money down! Oakmont Capital Services is a full-service provider of commerical equipment financing. Application-only financing from $5,000 to $300,000 Most companies approved with 100% financing Quick turnaround on applications with most decisions made within 2 to 4 hours Competitive rates and terms (better than most banks) Financing available on new/used equipment with terms from 12 to 84 months Financing for start-up companies with a background in related industry U.S. and Canadian customers only Apply to finance your CPT purchase!

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