Ohio Unversity Accelerated Pavement Tester in Action!

In 1997 Vertek delivered our first of many Accelerated Transportation Loading Systems (ATLaS). Ohio University published this video, dated in 2012 of the pavement load tester in use at their Accelerated Pavement Load Facility.

Common pavement tests include:

  • Pavement coating lifetime analysis
  • Experimental pavement fatigue estimation
  • Pavement rutting
  • Impact of temperature cycling on pavement
  • Effects of wheel wander on pavement lifespan
[/fusion_youtube] Though our designs have evolved since 1997 to better handle environmental and energy useage factors, many components of the above are still present on our current deliveries of pavement and bridge deck testers. These testers are designed to deliver actionable data regarding the lifespan and limits of road surfaces and pavement composition in shortened timespans.

While this website is primary dedicated to our CPT business, Vertek’s wealth of geotechnical manufacturing experience has led to additional focus on structural integrity fields such as load testing. See our ATLaS pavement and bridge load testing page for more information or to inquire.