Source: Construction Vibrations -NEW (7004IW2022)

INSTRUCTOR:  Antonios Vytiniotis, Ph.D., P.E

Participants will have access to the virtual workshop video archives and materials for 60 days from the start day of the workshop.

Virtual Workshop Brief

The workshop will cover a variety of issues regarding construction vibrations. It will start by describing the sources of construction vibrations, the propagation of vibrations with a soil and scatter effects. Then it will cover the effects of such vibrations in: 1) structures; 2) human perception; and 3) indirect effects of such vibrations. The workshop will cover examples of construction vibration effects in various structures and will show how conditions in structures can be evaluated to understand whether they are caused by vibrations. The workshop will show how construction vibrations can be monitored effectively by state-of-the-art equipment. Finally, this workshop will show how to analyze the data from monitoring to generate valuable insights about their effects on structures. A greater understanding of construction vibrations will help in mitigation of their damaging effects.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Achievement of the learning outcomes by attendees will be assessed through online discussion and case studies. A short post-assessment (true-false, multiple choice and fill in the blank questions) will also be administered.

Who Should Attend

Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • Construction Vibration Sources
  • Vibration Propagation and Energy Dissipation
  • Discussion about Literature Data
  • Interactive discussion and quiz about sources, propagation and state of the practice
  • Human Perception of Vibrations
  • Direct Effects of Vibrations
  • Interactive discussion about effects of vibrations
  • Homework discussion

Day 2

How to Earn your CEUs/PDHs

This virtual workshop is worth .4 CEUs/4 PDHs. To receive your certificate of completion, you will need to complete a short on-line post-test and receive a passing score of 70% or higher within 60 days of the virtual workshop. With this being virtual, you can attend if you are in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, and Kansas among any number of places.